All Government Helpline numbers

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The Government of India provides a single helpline number for all over in India offered by the Government agencies. This gives you the information on different helpline services offered by the Government agencies. These helplines are telephone and SMS based services which offer help to the callers regarding various government services.

The following is a list of HelpLine numbers for All Over In India.

Helpline Numbers – Departments:

3 thoughts on “All Government Helpline numbers

  1. sanjay

    koi Org. hai jo Gramin Samridhi Yojana (GSY) chla rahi h in three state H.P, Manipu, Sikkim. is it real or fake?
    In my point of view it is fake fake and fake.
    Reason there is no contact info(LL contact no.) in there site. And not responding email query.


    I want to change our country thought about you ( Mr.PM ) No doubt on your working but people are keep negative thinks adminsatra’s work. According to my self your hard work is honestly to at par ofof world. My request prepare strong team who dedicate all of himself for work like you

    Thanking you
    An Indian

  3. sadashivan prasanna kumar

    Dear sir,
    may name is sadashivan prasanna kumar.i am trying lots of time to genrete my aadhar but there is some technicale resone or what hapning please help me. here are my enrolment no
    1)20293930300298 date 14/12/2016 time 18:15:46
    2)12492360810250 date 04/07/2017 time 19:25:30
    3)20060016033120 date 05/01/2012 time 12:37:37
    4)20393913104411 date 05/02/2014 time 14:08:24
    5)12078247001029 date 24/01/2013 time 13:20:58
    this is my nearest no 14161520154639 date 21/09/2017 time 12:22:11
    i am recvesting from bottome of my heart please help me.
    followes are my recipts


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